A few things about me

At the age of 8 I became the proud owner of my first pcMy very own!!From there on a whole new horizon opened in front of my eyes that keeps revealing new worlds ever sinceI began educating myself both ovethe internet and by buying a fair amount of books out of a bibliography that was suggested in the course of my searches

When at the age of 10 I successfully installed my first Linux distribution and then proceeded to create Bash Scripts and begun learning the powerful C Programming Language was the time I realized the true possibilities of a computer. Since 2001, a vast array of bibliography* has helped me get more into programming but always keeping a special preference to C

Other programming & scripting languages I have experience with are Java,MIPS assembly,PHP,jQuery,Javascript and of course the markup language HTML/HTMLv5. Database design on MySQL is always needed as a skill and proved quite challenging and rewarding. Construction of XML documents and their parsing via XSLT complement the studying of databases as most web applications in need of communication with other systems utilises this format.

However, my main interest is in the security of computers so I  initially became familiar with how firewalls work and how to effectively configure one. I read on cryptography and modern methods used in encrypting dataHaving gone through a number of Linux distributions I installed a copy of FreeBSD and installed and configured Apache and PostFixThis process opened my perception to the ingeniouslchaotic nature of networks and my fascination grew further. This fascination led to a deep understanding of the fundamental mechanics of networks(OSI Layer & TCP/IP model).  Learning more about UNIX on a system programming level and the study of the kernel has helped to understand the practical applications of the OSI Layers & TCP/IP model through socket programming.

Networks and their security flaws have always been my sweet spot and that is the reason I am currently taking a BSc Computer Science(Networks) course at the University of Hertfordshire as I am pursuing to establish my self as a qualified Systems and Networks Administrator as well as a Security Engineer.

You can view my resume here.

Christos-Lysias Pierris

* For anyone still reading books make sure to check out:

  • Computer Networks by Tanenbaum
  • The C Programming Language by Kernighan and Richie
  • Big Java by Horstmann
  • Assembly Language Step by Step for Linux by Duntemann
  • Hacking: the Art of Exploitation by Erickson
  • Professional Java Security by Gramms
  • Unix Network Programming by Stevens
  • The shellcoder’s Handbook (2nd edition) by Anley

We never know how high we are

Till we are called to rise;

And then if we are true to plan,

Our statures touch the skies.

-Emily Dickinson

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